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Family Visas in Iredell County

Statesville Family Immigration Lawyer

In many immigration cases, one member of a family will obtain his or her green card to the United States while other members still live in their country of origin. The individual residing in the foreign country can pursue the process of obtaining a family visa through the sponsorship of the United States citizen.

Although the process of acquiring a family visa is often difficult, with the assistance of our firm, it can be handled with efficiency. If you are seeking to reunite your family within the United States, we advise that you obtain the legal assistance of our Statesville immigration lawyer. By pursuing a family visa on your own, you risk the chance of having the application denied.

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Classifications of Family Visas

The Immigration and Nationality Act offers provisions for members of a family joining their loved ones in the United States. The two categories of family visas are separated by the level of relationship: immediate-relative immigrant visas and family-preference immigrant visas.

Immediate-relative immigrant visas are categorized based on the close family relationship of a United States citizen with a loved one in their country of origin. Family-preference immigrant visas are specific for more distant family relationships between a U.S. citizen and his or her relative in their country of origin.

How to Get a Family Visa

To begin the process of obtaining a family visa, the sponsoring relative who is a U.S. citizen must file a petition for alien relatives, which is Form I-130. This is to be filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a division of the Department of Homeland Security. Certain requirements must be met, including proof of the parties' relationship with one another.

The sponsor must be at least 21 years old to file a petition for their siblings or parents. Other categories, however, do not have specific age requirements. The U.S. sponsor must maintain his or her principal residence within the United States in which they plan to stay in the future.

Allow Our Family to Help Your Family

At Cobb Law PLLC, our team is comprised of Attorney Lee M. Cobb, and two paralegals, his wife and his mother. Because we are a family firm, you can form a relationship with our family as we work together to resolve your immigration issue. We understand the importance of remaining together as a family and will strive to make this goal a reality. As you seek a family visa for a loved one residing in your home country, you can work with us to carefully address the complex nuances associated with immigrating to the country. During a case evaluation, we can help you determine what type of visa is best suitable to your circumstance.

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As you come to our office, we will likely have you complete a comprehensive questionnaire that provides us with a clear picture of your immigration situation. You should also bring with you documents that pertain to your immigration situation. Using this information, we can develop a resolution to your case that aims at bringing your family member or members into the United States to be reunited with you. We encourage you to take immediate action to ensure the best possible result to your case by selecting the most appropriate visa type. Through a case evaluation, we can determine the most appropriate course of action to help you through your case. Contact Cobb Law PLLC for legal assistance from our Statesville family immigration lawyer!

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