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Child Protective Services

Experienced Attorney Helps Parents Defend Against Child Protective Services

Is Child Protective Services (CPS) threatening to take your children away because of abuse or neglect? They have the power to remove your children from your home, if they find any evidence. To make sure that your family is protected, obtain representation from Cobb Law PLLC.

What happens after the Child Protective Services' initial visit?

Once the CPS agent visits your home and finds "evidence" that your child is being abused, they may file a petition with the courts to temporarily remove your child from your home to be placed in foster care or with relatives. Within a week, a nonsecure custody hearing will be held to determine if the child should stay outside the home until the official hearing.

At this point, the court will have you fill out a form that will determine your eligibility for court-appointed counsel. If you qualify, you can either accept the court-appointed counsel, or hire a private attorney, such as Attorney Cobb, to represent you during the future stages.

At the next custody hearing, the court will decide if your children can be returned to you, or if you need to complete certain actions beforehand. These may include:

  • Counseling
  • Treatment for substance abuse
  • Parenting classes
  • Therapy

Attorney Cobb can work with you throughout this process, keeping careful documentation of all progress and presenting your case to court in the best possible light upon completion of the order.

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If you are dealing with Child Protective Services, then don't wait to contact my firm for assistance. Don't risk losing your children. Call my office at 888.864.1038 or submit an online evaluation form to get started.

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