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After an Arrest

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If you have been arrested, you should make sure to get the facts about the charges against you and how to proceed when potentially facing a conviction. At Cobb Law PLLC, we can help you learn what to do after your arrest to prepare your defense and protect your rights. We have provided a basic overview of the steps that occur after an arrest is made based on probable cause. At your earliest chance after being arrested, you should take the opportunity to retain legal representation from our team. Our Statesville immigration lawyer has the knowledge to help you avoid a conviction. Below is a summary of the criminal process after an arrest:

Booking is the process of obtaining information about alleged criminals who are brought to jail. Booking creates official arrest records and must typically take place before the individual can be released. Common steps in the booking process include the recording of the suspect's name and his or her alleged crime. A mug shot and fingerprints are taken for further identification purposes. A full-body search is conducted, and the alleged criminal's clothing and property are taken into custody or evidence to be given back at the time of release. Additional information may be obtained through a warrant check, a health screening, and a DNA sample.

Filing a Complaint
After an arrest, the police will provide a report and evidence to the prosecuting attorney assigned to the particular case; the prosecutor may be either a district attorney, city attorney, or U.S. attorney. The prosecuting attorney will decide whether to file charges and what charges to file. If charges are filed with the court, this is called a complaint. The complaint sets forth all allegations against the defendant.

Arraignment & Preliminary Hearing
During an arraignment, the criminal defendant will be advised of his or her charges and constitutional rights. Bail is often set to ensure that the defendant will appear in court. Bail is determined by the judge on the basis of the defendant's danger to the community and chance of flight. After the arraignment, the preliminary hearing takes place, which involves reviewing probable cause. During this stage, the judge will determine whether sufficient evidence is available to support the charges.

During trial, the prosecutor and defense attorney will make opening statements, introduce witnesses, and present evidence in favor of their supporting side of the case. At this point, the jury will determine whether the prosecution has met the burden of proving the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If found guilty, the defendant will be sentenced at a court hearing. During the sentencing hearing, the judge will apply punishments based on legal guidelines. If the defendant is found guilty and convicted, he or she can file an appeal. If legal errors are identified in the handling of the original case, the appellate court can reverse the conviction.

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If you or a loved one has been arrested, you should not take the situation lightly. If you are found guilty, you will face heavy consequences. Not only will you face the criminal penalties issued by the judge, but you will also experience negative results at home. You may lose the good reputation you have taken time to build and lose friendships as a result of your conviction. If you are on a visa or a green card within the United States, you could also face deportation. We can help you avoid a conviction or appeal a decision and provide deportation defense. As a family law firm, we have your family's best interests in mind at all times. At Cobb Law PLLC, we can help you fight for your freedom. Contact us today for effective legal guidance through your criminal defense or immigration case!

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