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How to Handle a Notice of Intent to Deny

When applying for a visa or for permanent residence, receiving a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) is a major setback in the process. If you are waiting on a non-immigrant visa, you may be under the impression that your opportunity to apply is gone. That is not, however, the case. You can successfully respond to a Notice of Intent to Deny and the application may then be approved.

At Cobb Law PLLC, we can develop a successful reply to a Notice of Intent to Deny and ensure that the visa application process is on the right track. We have helped many individuals through their complex NOID cases and can provide you with the assistance you need.

The best thing to do after receiving a Notice of Intent to Deny is to contact an immigration lawyer at once. At Cobb Law PLLC, we can help identify issues with the application to resolve the present issue. Our firm can keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Understanding the NOID Process

According to the USCIS' 2013 policy update on Notices of Intent to Deny, there are many different circumstances that may lead to a NOID.

Common reasons for a NOID include:

  • The applicant applied for a nonimmigrant visa but did not show that this is only a temporary stay
  • The applicant was convicted of an offense that disqualifies him or her
  • The applicant misrepresented a material fact
  • The applicant did not complete the application

Regardless of the reason for your NOID, you do have the opportunity to resolve the issue with the assistance of a quality lawyer.

If you have received a NOID, you are likely on a strict deadline. You will need to take immediate action if you want to maximize your chance of avoiding a denial. Contact our firm today for help from our knowledgeable immigration attorney!

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