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Immigration Information for Employers in North Carolina

At Cobb Law PLLC, we represent employers of businesses seeking to bring employers from outside of the United States. We know that employers are required to take specific steps to verify documents and information about employees to determine eligibility for employment within the United States. Employers must fulfill additional requirements for employees who are not U.S. citizens. As an employer, you will need to verify that the potential employee has received authorization to work within the United States. Also, gain an understanding of who is eligible for employment at your company. If you have any questions or concerns as an employer, do not hesitate to speak with our Statesville immigration lawyer at once.

Who is eligible for employment in the United States?

Individuals who possess a valid green card are eligible for employment in the United States as long as his or her employer has followed all employment verification requirements. Immigrants who are in the country on a student visa are not eligible to secure employment outside of their educational institution. Students on an F-1 visa can, however, be hired for on-campus jobs as long as specific conditions are met. After their first year of studying in the United States, they can be hired for specific occupational employment opportunities. Individuals on family visas are also ineligible for employment in many cases. Prior to hiring a potential employee, ensure that he or she is eligible to work in the country.

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Legal Guidance from Cobb Law PLLC

Our attorney can help you petition to allow a foreign national to obtain an immigrant visa or non-immigrant visa so that he or she can work for you in the United States. We have the resources and knowledge necessary to answer your questions and efficiently help you. For specific tasks to be accomplished, you may need a worker with unique abilities and cannot find such an individual within this country. Whether you need to hire a foreign national because a qualified U.S. citizen cannot be found or you have another valid reason for employment of the foreign national, we can help you petition for the foreign national to work temporarily or permanently in the United States.

Every employer who hires foreign national to work for them must pursue verification of their immigration eligibility. Avoid neglecting the immigration laws that could result in substantial legal complications for you and your business. At Cobb Law PLLC, we offer resources and information to help you follow all immigration laws pertaining to your circumstance. Our Statesville employment immigration attorney is a member of the American Bar Association along with other organizations that prove his understanding of these laws and the ability to assist others like you. Contact our firm for assistance from Iredell County's only immigration lawyer.

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