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If you have been charged with a white collar crime, it is likely that prosecutors have been working for a substantial time preparing a case against you. Before you are even aware of the charges you face, prosecution may have been investigating your case for months. Typically, white collar crimes are committed by high-ranking individuals in business, corporate, or political situations.

Many white collar crimes involve the illegal obtainment of money through theft. Another characteristic of white collar crimes is that they are damaging to the business that is victimized. Not only do white collar crimes cause increased economic hardship for consumers, but they also have a major impact on the government.

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Have you been accused of a white collar crime?

You should take immediate action to obtain aggressive legal defense if you are facing a charge of a white collar crime. You should speak with our knowledgeable Statesville criminal lawyer at Cobb Law PLLC to get the legal assistance you deserve. We can protect your best interest by performing a thorough investigation of our own and aggressively defending your case. Below is a list of a few of the white collar crimes we can help you defend against.


Embezzlement is considered the obtainment of property through false pretense. This crime is a type of property theft that occurs when an individual is entrusted to manage another's property but steals a portion or all of it for his or her own personal gain. Under North Carolina law, embezzlement is punished based on the relationship held between the defendant and the victim. The value of the property stolen also has a major impact on the punishment.


Fraud is a crime committed with the purpose of financial gain through means of deception. Typically, fraud is a non-violent crime that often occurs in a business setting. Fraud often carries heavy penalties for people who are convicted. Fraud can encompass theft, counterfeiting, government fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud.


Forgery is a serious offense that involves the false writing in an act of fraud. It typically involves the signing of another's name on a check or other document. When forgery involves monetary gain, it can also be referred to as counterfeiting. In order for forgery to be punished, it must involve the making, altering, using, or possessing of a false writing.


In North Carolina, laws do not distinguish between petty larceny and grand larceny. Larceny is instead charged at different degrees depending on what was taken and the manner in which it was taken. You can be charged with a Class H felony for goods valued at more than $1,000. If the amount of goods has a value less than $1,000, you can face a Class I misdemeanor. The exception is if the goods were taken directly from another individual or if a firearm is involved. In that case, a felony will be charged without attention to the value.


When an individual obtains money, goods, or desired actions from another individual through the use of violence or the threat of violence, this is called extortion. Extortion is a different crime than robbery in that the value of the crime is willingly given to the extortionist. In robbery, the items are taken without the owner's knowledge or through force. Bribery, blackmail, and hush money are all related to extortion.


Blackmail is a form of extortion. With this crime, threats are made to reveal information that will likely damage the victim's reputation or to cause physical injury. For blackmail to take place, the incriminating information can either be true or false and the defendant does not have to act on the threats. Blackmail is defined in the North Carolina General Statutes § 14-118. Typically, blackmail is distinguished from extortion in that it is in the written form.

Knowledgeable Defense Against White Collar Crimes in North Carolina

No matter what type of white collar crime you are under investigation for, you should take action to avoid a conviction. Without securing aggressive legal representation from our Statesville criminal defense attorney, you are placing yourself in a vulnerable position to investigations and heavy prosecution. At Cobb Law PLLC, we can provide you with the legal defense you need to effectively resolve your case. Do not hesitate to schedule a case evaluation with our firm that we can use to learn more about your case and settle on an appropriate strategy for your situation. We can do everything in our ability to protect your freedom and fight against the charges you face. Contact us today to find out how our lawyer can fight for you!

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