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Statesville Probation Violation Lawyer

When accused of violating the terms of probation, the situation is dangerous, as you risk the possibility of losing your freedom. You can be picked up at any time or place if it is alleged that you violated probation. At Cobb Law PLLC, we act fast to take action for our clients who are caught in this tough legal spot. We provide unparalleled customer service to each of the individuals we represent.

At our firm, you can expect your attorney to maintain constant contact with you throughout the duration of the legal proceedings, and to keep you well informed about the various options that could arise as the case progresses. We are dutiful about ensuring that each person we serve fully understands the legal issues in their case, and the defense actions we could initiate to attempt to reduce the damage, and to get you released if you have been taken into custody. Our dedication to our clients and our focus on providing excellent client service is unmatched.

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Facing Probation Violation Charges?

In Statesville, NC, a probation violation can land you in a difficult position. A probation violation charge could be filed for several legal situations:

  • A person is accused of failing to meet with his or her probation officer at a scheduled time;
  • Arrested on new charges in violation of the terms of the probation;
  • Arrested for a probation violation after failing a drug or alcohol test, not paying fines within the time limit, failing to complete community service hours, or other requirement.

When you are convicted of violating your probation, the judge can proceed in a few ways. He or she can decide to modify your current probation terms by adding new requirements like drug testing or ordering you to enroll in various programs, which you are required to complete within a specified period of time. The judge can also extend your probation; he or she could force you to complete a sentence in jail or prison rather than allowing you to continue on probation.

Representation from a Trusted Statesville Criminal Defense Attorney

You must act immediately if you are facing probation violation charges. Most probations officers have no tolerance for violations and quickly inform the court if you fail to adhere to any of your requirements. Although there are many cases that are easily resolved by paying a fine, or other simple action, once you are held in custody matters can get far more complicated, and the judge may not be inclined to let you go home and continue living your life.

It is imperative that you get representation from a skilled probation violation attorney in Statesville if you have been picked up for a violation. As no two cases are alike, we will need to speak to you to determine the best method by which your legal problem can be resolved. Contact us today for legal advice regarding your probation violation charges.

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